Service Committees

This section defines each of the Chicago Area committees and provides links further detailing each one. The content of each committee description is drawn directly from the Chicago AA structure manual entitled “Chicago AA (Area 19): How it works for you. Recovery, Unity & Service.”

District 15

Along with the committees that meet at CASO, District 15 has a picnic committee, New Years Eve Party committee. Please see any District 15 service member such as your GSR to get involved today! Also, help support your districts website by contributing with ideas or content.


This committee gathers historical data and other memorabilia pertinent to Chicago Area AA including, but not limited to, oral and written histories, correspondence, newspaper articles, literature, etc.

Conferences (COC)

COC insures proper participation of Chicago Area AA in State and local conferences, including cooperation with other State Delegate Areas. COC also assists with the annual All Chicago Open Meeting and performs such other services as necessary to the Chicago Area.

Correctional Facilities (CFC)

CFC cooperates with all correctional institutions in the Chicago Area explaining AA’s role with inmates who seek help, sponsoring and participating in AA meeting, groups and other activities within the scope of the Fellowship.

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

CPC provides information about AA to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession. Examples are physicians, nurses, lawyers, judges, social workers, union leaders and industrial managers as well as those working in the field of alcoholism.

Public Information (PI)

PI carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to schools, collages and various public agencies and other interested organizations utilizing all the available media in accordance with The Twelve Traditions and guidelines of CASA.


The Literature Committee is newly formed in 2003. Its purpose is to help the Office decide what literature to carry in the bookstore.

Hospitals and Treatment Facilities (HTF)

HTF cooperates with hospitals, treatment and rehabilitation facilities in the Chicago Area regarding AA’s relationship with such facilities, sponsorship of AA Meetings and groups in such facilities.


This committee acquaints members with the publication The Grapevine, and presents it as a tool in maintaining individual and group sobriety through its many attractions.


This committee is responsible for all matters relating to office management, records, personnel, finances and expenditures of Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous.

Special Needs

This special committee is responsible for providing information about AA to alcoholics who have physical disabilities or other special needs.

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