D15 GSR Information

D15 Picnic 2018Please use this page to share and find information pertaining to your service as a District 15 GSR.


District 15 GSR meetings


Guidelines for proposing an event within District 15.

Please review this file for information regarding how to propose a program related events within District 15. Form description

Please complete and submit this form to propose a program related event within District 15. District event proposal

Please complete this form below if requesting that a flier be generated to help promote your event.


Flier QuestionsPlease complete the form above when requesting the creation of a flier. Please ensure the accuracy of the information provided because this sheet will be the source of truth used for the flier content! Once completed please provide it to Mike O. or email it to mosmisc@gmail.com .


Saturday Open Speaker Meeting Hosting sign-upPlease complete the form above when your meeting is hosting the Saturday Open Speaker meeting. Once completed please provide it to Mike O. or email it to mosmisc@gmail.com.  Please make your best effort to return the completed form at least two weeks prior to the start of the month that your meeting is hosting.