“Outside” Meetings at St. Nick’s

Mike O   August 10, 2020   Comments Off on “Outside” Meetings at St. Nick’s

Effective Monday, August 10th, support groups will be allowed to have our group meetings “outside only “ at St Nick’s.

No one allowed inside the  Church for any reason .

Masks must be worn at all times on the church grounds no exceptions , if folks need access to their group materials please contact Jim McQuade at 630 460 3969 and Jim will meet them at the church so they can access their meeting supplies. Once their supplies have been obtained they will be responsible for their care until such time we are allowed access to the Church .

 Each meeting must compile a form containing all info “ attendees complete names , phone number,  date of meeting  and group name “ . This will be used as a contact guide should anyone come in contact with the virus. So a record of those in attendance will be available if necessary. Jim will place copies of these forms in each groups containers.

F Y I – Father Manny stated the earliest the groups “may be allowed entry into church“ would be September. Further info to follow as it is available.